Hello every one, I am mister Rabinarayan mishra chairman and founder of lris classes.

– now every one of you must be wondering that what is IRIS classes, what’s the motto of it, and the last and main thing what is the reason for starting IRIS.

– well, throughout my life, I have been working for many educational institute and no matter which ever institute I ever worked in I always envisioned a better future of the children who are studying in it.
– all necessary facilities should be provided to them so that they can properly nurture their future, but to my utter disappointment the higher authority those who are controlling those institutes got only business in their minds they are so engrossed in making profit that they failed to impart proper means of education to the students.
– so by starting IRIS I wish every student should atleast get what they deserve, iris don’t want to make any fake promises, but rather it want to nuture each student in the way they wanted to be nurtured.
As a potter gives beautiful shape to a pot, iris classes will give a beautiful shape to the future perspective of the students.


We aim at inspiring our students to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more in their respective journey of life.

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